How to choose an advertising object in 9 steps!

You are a craftsman, an SME, an association, a business or a large company and you wish to communicate through the object to surprise your employees and customers? The advertising object personalized to your image exists.

There are many media to make you stand out but will you be able to find the one that will convey your values? We advise you and accompany you through 10 essential steps in your selection of promotional objects, goodies and company textiles.For which target?

For which target?

It is essential to clearly define the target audience for your promotional items. This consideration is not to be taken lightly, it is fundamental in order to find out which medium will best meet your expectations.

  • Male or female target
  • Age of the target (children, teenagers, elderly)
  • Socio-professional category (executives, employees, students …)
  • Suppliers? Customers ? Prospects ?

All these questions need to be asked. We are not going to offer the same promotional item to a student as we would to your best business provider.

Secondly, you need to think about the size of your target audience. A company will not choose the same promotional item for its 50 best customers as for its prospects!

On what occasion?

Every occasion is a good opportunity to offer an advertising object! In charge of conveying the name and image of a company, the advertising object is an excellent communication vector for all your events such as the launch of a new product or a store opening for example.

86% of english people appreciate receiving a promotional item at a commercial, cultural or sporting event (according to the Ginger study conducted by – The English and the advertising object – Oct. 2019).

How to distribute it?

Often distributed at a trade fair or seminar, the advertising object must be easy to distribute. The choice of the distribution is a fundamental element in the choice of your advertising object. You will not distribute an umbrella in the same way as an advertising pen at a commercial event.

A useful, functional and visible advertising object

3 rules for successful object communication!

First, the object must be useful (flashlight, token key ring, stylus …) to be kept as long as possible. Never lose sight of the fact that the more the object is reused, the more your target will remember the brand associated with this goodie!

85% of english people keep promotional gifts because they find them useful.

Second very important point, the object must be functional. I really insist on this point because your reputation and that of your company with consumers is at stake. What could be more frustrating than receiving a promotional pen that does not write the first time it is used or the ink that flows into your pocket!

Finally, the last crucial point in your choice, the object must offer optimal visibility. Choose advertising objects that last and that your target will use every day for maximum visibility of your logo (speaker, mug, t-shirts …).

Be trendy!

Stand out from the crowd by preferring a trendy promotional item! An original goodie will impress and surprise your target. Receiving an original promotional item will intrigue and give an additional reason to keep a promotional gift.

65% of english people keep a promotional item for hedonistic reasons (aesthetics, fun, originality of the product …).

Don’t hesitate to turn to eco-friendly promotional items such as the cork notepad or the bamboo USB key to stand out from the crowd and convey values that are important to you. High-tech gifts are also highly appreciated by consumers, such as a battery backup or Bluetooth speakers.

Keep up with the news and the season!

You must absolutely take into account the season and the context in which you are going to distribute your promotional items. An advertising umbrella or a softshell jacket will be appreciated for the autumn, while advertising glasses and fans will be more useful for the summer.

Define your budget

And the price tag in all this? According to your budget, we will be able to direct you to various categories of objects:

  • Basic goodies (lighters, pens, keychains …)
  • Higher-end promotional gifts such as personalised textiles, reusable promotional bags or high-tech products …
  • The must-have calendars, diaries and notepads.

Anticipate your communication operations by object.

We do not cease to warn our customers, for a successful communication it is essential to anticipate your communication by the object! Often chosen as the last link in the chain in the marketing budget, the object is often badly chosen because of too short deadlines. It is very important to anticipate your desires for advertising objects as early as possible! By avoiding working in a hurry, we will be able to direct you towards products with high added value, so you will have more freedom concerning the choice of the support, the choice of the marking at the best price and in the shortest possible time. For example, the custom-made advertising object requires more manufacturing time but will have a formidable return to your target.

Quality vs Price

Prefer quality to quantity! Invest in quality promotional items for a real return on investment. Goodies with low added value will easily end up in the trash and your communication with them. With more than 30,000 references, we will guide you to find the best promotional item that will hit the bull’s eye with your customers.